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229 South Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA 92054

888-573-7505 (Toll Free)
760-454-1040 (Local)

  229 South Coast Highway | Oceanside, CA 92054 | 888-573-7505 (Toll Free) | 760-454-1040

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We provide free road test and estimates by our ATRA certified technicians who can tell the difference between an adjustment, minor repair, or major service, saving you time and money. With today's sophisticated computer controlled vehicles, proper diagnosis is more important than ever.

We can also help with rental cars. Hertz Local Edition gives special rates and perefential service to our customers. They deliver the car to you here at our doorstep. When your car is ready, shuttle you back here. Simply excellent service.

Hertz Local Edition
1816C Oceanside Blvd.
Oceanside, CA 92054
Why consider a used transmission when you can get an economical completely remanufactured transmission with OEM or better parts with a nationwide warranty too? Because we have a huge inventory of rebuilt transmissions and automatic transmission parts, we can ship out of inventory, repair or rebuild transmissions fast.

Used transmissions dry out. The fluid settles and the internal components become rusted, dry and brittle. They might have been working when they came out of the previous car or truck, but given even a little time to dry out and they might not work in your vehicle, or worse, work for a little while then fail.

We are automatic transmission troubleshooting experts. Many so-called automatic transmission problems are not transmission problems at all. A faulty computer chip, an intermittent "prndl" switch (park-reverse-neutral-drive-low), a leaking vacuum line, and many other seemingly unrelated problems might be diagnosed as a transmission problem by others.

We offer no-charge diagnosis while-you-wait. This saves our customers a lot of money. So often, people come to us thinking they have a transmission problem when they don't. Why risk a wrong diagnosis when getting it right from the experts is free?
(Rear ends)
Showroom, racing and high performance rear ends as well as integral differentials. Many front wheel drive cars have the differential integrated with the automatic transmission. We rebuild both the transmission and the differential when we work on these models.
If you drive a stick shift car, you will need a clutch sooner or later. We with every clutch job, we machine the flywheel - most clutch jobs are done in 1 day. We use OEM or better parts. We do them all....cars and trucks.

We offer free 24 hour towing with major repairs and one day service in most cases. Complete exterior detailing wiht Meguiar's wash products and deionized water is included with each full transmission service.

24 Hour Towing from anywhere in San Diego with major repairs.
You just can't afford to have your work done by anyone but the best.
(note: We contract our towing with AAA and S&R Towing)




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